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Is Now the Ideal Time for Gold in Self-Directed IRAs?

A tough market. Foggy financial news. A world that seems like it’s standing on the edge of the knife. More investors flocking to gold. If you read the headlines, you might draw the same conclusion that millions have: that now is the time to invest in gold. But when it comes to your retirement plans, […]

Real Estate IRA: Three Reasons Investors Are Interested

The economy’s uncertain, numbers seem to point in opposite directions, and there’s an increased demand for retirement solutions of real, tangible value. The Real Estate IRA has many investors interested, and for good reason. Or, rather—three reasons. Here are some of the top explanations for investor interest in the art of the Real Estate IRA—and […]

Self-Directed IRA – What Assets Work Best?

There are a lot of great things about holding assets using a Self-Directed IRA: Tax deferral is a valuable benefit – and the tax-free growth that a Roth IRA provides is even more valuable. There are terrific asset protection benefits to using IRAs and other retirement accounts, as well. The problem: There’s only so much […]

Self-Directed IRA – Business Lending – With One

Do you know a number of experienced, successful business owner with a solid business model and his or her feet on the ground? Do you want you get an above-market return on your Self-Directed IRA assets? If you aren’t planning on needing the money for a while – and if you can handle the usual […]

Self-Directed IRA Update: Charlotte Real Estate Opportunities

Real Estate IRA Update: Maturing Charlotte Real Estate Market May Hold Opportunities for Self-Directed IRA Private Lending The real estate market in Charlotte is going strong, though it seems to be reaching a mature stage for Self-Directed IRA investors. That was the central theme of the Charlotte Commercial Forecast, a conference put on last week […]

Self-Directed IRA – What Kinds Can I Choose From?

Self-Directed IRA fans, rejoice – there’s a lot more to self-directed investing than just the Self-Directed IRA. And that’s great news for some people with higher incomes who don’t qualify for deductible or Roth IRA contributions. The tax code actually allows investors to leverage the flexibility and diversification potential of self-directed investing with the tax […]