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Choosing Non-Traded and Private REITs For Your Self-Directed IRA

Real estate is a popular investment within self-directed IRAs. Investors love the tangible nature of land and property, the current income, potential for growth in rental income, and the potential for capital appreciation. There are also a number of tax advantages that apply to real estate that don’t accrue to other asset classes. But not […]

Real Estate IRA – Special Considerations for Vacant Properties

We are seeing more interest among Real Estate IRA enthusiasts in purchasing distressed and vacant properties. Many times, the Real Estate IRA investor can purchase a promising vacant property at a substantial discount to its intrinsic value, which make these properties attractive value investments – especially for those Real Estate IRA investors who have the […]

What should Self-Directed IRA owners do right before they retire?

Are you reaching retirement age soon? Already pushing it? Ever thought about a Self-Directed IRA? It’s time to make some important decisions about your financial strategy going forward. Here are several things you should be thinking about as you transition into the retirement stage of your financial life cycle. Roll back risk exposure. Now’s the […]

Is Congress Really Talking About Slashing Contribution Limits to 401ks including the Self-Directed Solo 401k ?

No. If they were, it would be big news to many of our clients, who went through the trouble of setting up a Self-Directed Solo 401k for their small businesses or consulting ventures. And there’s some talk in the media about Congressional Republicans pushing to slash allowable contribution limits to around $2,400. The New York […]

How New Investors Can Avoid Self-Directed IRA Common Pitfalls

Although investing in a Self-Directed IRA doesn’t have to be a complicated mess in the slightest, there are some investors out there who are new to the concept. And when people plunge into new things they don’t understand, mistakes sometimes happen. The prudent investor is willing to take his or her time, have patience, and […]

Motel, Hotel and Real Estate IRA vs. a REIT

A well-located and well-run hotel is a proven moneymaker. Paris Hilton didn’t get all those designer handbags because her family was broke! Like most real estate investments, hotels and motels provide a combination of regular income with the potential for capital appreciation. While lodging businesses are more labor and resource intensive compared to traditional residential […]

Self-Directed IRA vs. 401(k) – Which Is Best For You?

When it comes to Self-Directed IRA investing – the practice of investing IRA or other tax-advantaged retirement funds in alternative investments and directing them yourself, personally – there are important differences between the IRA and 401(k) structures. So knowing where to park your assets and under what circumstances is important for the Self-Directed IRA owner. […]