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Podcast – How to Level-Up Your Life

January 5

The Lousy Investor Episode 16:  How to Level-Up Your Life

To watch the podcast, please click here.

We all struggle to accomplish goals in life. Whether they are financial goals, health goals or relationship goals, “life” can get in the way. Today I wanted to share some framework that I am trying to utilize to improve my results in all areas of life.

First, I am working to get complete clarity on a small handful of things I really want to focus on accomplishing. You don’t know if you are making progress if you are not focused, right?!?!

What I have come to realize is that the world is full of so many distractions and these distractions such as spending hours on social media, drinking, playing video games are all constructed to give us dopamine hits so that we feel a sense of positivity with these useless activities.

These dopamine hits effectively take away our ability to focus on activities that are more involved projects such as improving our health through working out or spending time learning how to invest our money for the long term.

Second, I need to keep as clean of a space as possible. I mean this literally and figuratively. I need to remove the distractions as much as I can. Once we are able to remove some of the “garbage” from our life, we can have much more bandwidth to focus on more productive activities.

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January 5
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