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Podcast – The Great Resignation

January 3, 2022

The Lousy Investor Episode 15:  The Great Resignation

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Just in time for the holidays, everyone seems to be quitting their job! What is going on? Why are employees quitting and what should we think about this? Today I wanted to touch on the topic of the great resignation and why I think that it is actually a win-win for employees and employers alike.

It certainly seems obvious that if someone is voluntarily quitting, they are doing it because there are better opportunities elsewhere. We are seeing more and more employees taking higher paying jobs with new companies, and in many cases, new industries.

There are also a number of states that are granting unemployment to those that have voluntarily resigned from their jobs. Being able to take paid time off can be beneficial especially during this challenging time!

Lastly, we have employees that have not resigned who are being moved into more senior positions as management and owners work to keep their businesses afloat. This will typically mean higher wages for those employees!

Now that we have celebrated the wins for these employees, lets discuss the positive outcomes for the managers and business owners. First, I am a firm believer that if a human does not want to participate in an activity such as working in your business, you are highly unlikely to get a quality effort from them. Second, if an employee is unhappy, this can cause a substantial ripple effect throughout the rest of your team and derail any positive momentum. Lastly, I believe that having less experienced, and sometimes younger team members can have an incredibly positive effect on the business. They will be able to bring energy as well as a new perspective to the systems and vision for the future growth of the company.

Well, that is my glass half full analysis of the great resignation. Thanks so much for checking in and we would love a “like” or a “subscribe”, thanks!


January 3, 2022
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