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Webinar – Is a Self-Directed IRA Right for You?

August 18, 2016 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Self-Directed IRA, Self-Directed Roth IRAThis an introductory webinar to discuss the pro’s and con’s of self-directing your retirement account. The reality is that Self-Directed IRA’s/401k’s are a terrific tool for many investors however it is not the right fit for all of us.

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Information Attendees Need to Determine if Self-Directed IRAs Are Right for Them

This is a great webinar for everyone, yes whether they have an IRA or not, everyone should hear the important information presented in this webinar. This webinar is free so attendees have nothing to lose by attending…and they have everything to lose by not hearing this information. If most people are honest with themselves, they will realize they are not as prepared as they need to be for their retirement years.  Attendees are encouraged to take notes as Sean gives attendees the information they need to determine if Self-Directed IRAs are right for them.

Important Things That Everyone Should Know “Before” They Open a Self-Directed IRA

So, what information is in this webinar? Critical information for anyone who would like to actually retire comfortably in their retirement years. Sean will cover the all important things that everyone should know “before” they open a Self-Directed IRA. Sean also covers the finer points of what individuals need to avoid when investing with their IRA. That’s right, knowing what to avoid is a critical aspect of investing within an IRA. There are heavy penalties for participating in what the IRS calls “prohibited transactions.”

The Shocking Reality About Most People’s IRA Accounts

Attendees will be shocked when they hear about the size of most people’s IRA accounts. It a shocking reality and it opens listeners eyes as they realize that they are not nearly as prepared for retirement as they can be.

Case Studies and More

Basic case studies of deals will be shared and will showcase the simplicity of IRA investing. What listeners will quickly realize is that there is very little difference in the way that deals within and outside an IRA are handled. Aside from the vesting requirements, there is not too much that is different.

Sean is also preparing additional information at this very moment that will be added to the webinar to truly answer the question on everyone’s mind “Is a Self-Directed IRA right for them?”.




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August 18, 2016
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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