A Single Member IRA LLC means that you use funds from a Self-Directed IRA to purchase 100% of an LLC that you set up via your professionals. Once set up, you then have control to purchase assets, make investments, and even write checks on behalf of the single member IRA LLC. With most Self-Directed IRAs, you would direct your IRA administrator to make investments, receive income, and pay expenses on your behalf.

Is a Single Member IRA LLC Right for You?

A common use for the checkbook feature of the single member IRA LLC is at tax sales, foreclosure bids, and tax liens.



With these fantastic benefits you might be thinking “Why would anyone not want to do this?” With great power comes great responsibility. Single member IRA LLCs with checkbook control have rules that need to be learned and followed. By working closely with professionals this can be accomplished. The main job of the manager of the single member IRA LLC is to protect the IRA by following the basic rules, after all it is your retirement account.

Getting Started with a Single Member IRA LLC


This is a basic list of the documents that will need to be prepared.

  1. SPECIAL operating agreement.
  2. Subscription agreement.
  3. Membership Schedule
  4. Articles of Organization with secretary of state.
  5. EIN number from the IRS

American IRA requires that all single member IRA LLC documents be prepared by a professional. Self prepared documents are not acceptable.

If you are a self directed IRA investor and you feel this is the tool for you, click here for more information!

Our Experience

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