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Another Good Reason to Buy Rentals In Your Real Estate IRA

Another Good Reason to Buy Rentals in Your Real Estate IRA With Bitcoin currently making some investors thrilled and others nervous—not to mention a bull market that seems to have no end in sight—it seems the perfect time to diversify one’s portfolio with a Real Estate IRA. The consistent growth and income that can yield […]

Affected by Hurricane Damage? You May Be Able to Tap Your Self-Directed IRA or 401(k)

If you are undergoing financial hardship because of damage from one of this years’ devastating hurricanes, Congress just cut you some slack: People affected by Hurricanes Maria, Harvey or Irma may make an emergency hardship withdrawal from their retirement plans, including self-directed IRAs, without having to pay the usual 10 percent excise tax on early […]

Why You Need Rental Income in a Self-Directed Roth IRA

Why You Need Rental Income in a Self-Directed Roth IRA What is a Roth IRA, and why do investment professionals recommend it so vigorously? If you’re new to retirement advice, you’ve probably heard this phrase “Roth IRA” and rolled your eyes. It sounds complicated. It sounds like another worry in your life. Yet when you […]

The Best and Worst Cities for Retiring with a Real Estate IRA

The Best and Worst Cities for Retiring with a Real Estate IRA USA Today recently released its list of the best and worst cities for retirement, and the results are in: according to the newspaper, Pittsburgh, PA is the best place to retire, followed by the Boston metro area and the Los Angeles metro area. […]

The Hottest Markets for Real Estate IRAs

The most important factor in real estate, they say, is “location, location, location!” And so it goes with real estate IRAs, as well. All real estate ultimately comes down to spotting good locations and trying to work with demographic and economic trends rather than against them. A recent study from the National Association of Realtors has identified […]

Study Portends Bright Future for Private Equity in Self-Directed IRAs

Private Equity is still proving to be a compelling asset class for self-directed IRA investors – continuing to outstrip the general stock market. According to a recent report from Coller Capital, most investors – 62 percent – earned net investment returns of 11 to 15 percent from inception to this year. That’s solid performance for […]

Asheville Still Holds Promise for Real Estate IRAs

We’re obviously quite deep into a bull market for real estate IRAs in much of the country. But a number of economic indicators suggest that the market for real estate IRA investors in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina has a lot of room left to run. The population is growing fast – much faster than most […]

Self Directed 401(k)s Versus Self-Directed SEP IRAs

Which is Better for Small Business Owners? For many owner-operators of small businesses, the Self-Directed Solo 401K may be the way to go, rather than a self-directed SEP IRA plan. Here’s why: With a Self-Directed Solo 401K plan, you aren’t limited to only one kind of contribution. 401(k) plans allow you to make substantial annual […]

Real Estate IRA Trends for 2018

It looks like most of the easy money in real estate IRAs has been made. The National Association of Realtors is looking for slower rates of home appreciation in 2018, as the supply of homes for sale finally catches up with demand later in the year. Inventory will remain tight, however, at least through the […]