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Defining the Self-Directed SIMPLE IRA

Creating an incentive, matching plan for employees often sounds like something that only huge companies with major HR budgets can handle. Your company—with fewer than 100 employees—does not have that. But is it still possible to create an IRA plan that makes sense for employees, allows you to incentivize contributions for retirement, and attract new […]

Are There Five Funding Options for Self-Directed IRAs?

When most people talk about funding IRAs, they usually talk about one of three funding methods. Contributions, transfers, and rollovers. But when you break things down, you will see that you have more options for funding a Self-Directed IRA than only three. There are actually five different types of funding options that are worth talking […]

How a Self-Directed IRA for Private Lending Works

When you use a Self-Directed IRA, one of the most immediate and obvious benefits is that you get to choose investments that you normally would not have available through a traditional arrangement. For example, many employees who have a 401(k) plan through work only have a limited amount of stock funds to choose from. However, […]

How a Self-Directed IRA Alleviates Fears Over the GDP

Look out below. As stories hit the wires that the U.S. saw a massive 32.9% annualized decrease in GDP in the second quarter of 2020, investor fears were triggered, including a selloff on Wall Street as the Dow Jones moved downward. For many people, this is the top news: the effects of the COVID pandemic […]

A Checklist for Choosing the Right Self-Directed IRA Plan

When you get excited about the possibilities of the Self-Directed IRA, it’s easy to feel a burst of momentum. You can’t wait to begin investing and building retirement wealth on your terms. But then you find out that there are particulars to answer—particulars like which Self-Directed IRA plan to choose. And as you get bogged […]