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Owners of Self-Directed IRAs Benefit from Japanese Pension Fund Shift to Alternative Asset Classes

Internationally, the ‘smart money’ is starting to move more toward alternative asset classes, and away from traditional fixed income assets. That means that IRA investors are in the catbird’s seat, as institutional money begins to flow in their Self-Directed IRAs direction. A new report from J.P. Morgan indicates that the traditionally conservative, staid pension funds in […]

What to Know Before You Open a Self-Directed IRA

As equity prices soar – and arguably become more dangerous – more Americans are looking to diversify into other asset classes by opening a Self-Directed IRA. These are IRAs that enable them to think beyond Wall Street financial products like stocks, bonds and mutual funds and get into alternative asset classes like gold, silver, direct […]

Self-Directed IRA Prohibited Transactions – An Overview

Establishing a self-directed retirement account is easy. But if you are new to Self-Directed IRAs and other retirement accounts, it behooves you to understand what you can and cannot invest your Self-Directed IRA assets. Self-Directed IRAs are very flexible. Investors are attracted to Self-Directed IRAs because they allow them to free themselves from the relatively […]

Private Equity in Self-Directed IRAs – Due Diligence Tips

One of the many advantages of opening a Self-Directed IRA account with American IRA, LLC is the ability to allocate retirement resources to private equity opportunities. These tend to be early stage or turnaround opportunities that provide the potential for outsize returns and diversification against an increasingly overheated stock market. However, Self-Directed IRA owners should […]

Is it Possible to Make a Self-Directed IRA Contribution Without Earned Income?

As you probably already know, traditional individual retirement arrangements (IRAs) were created to provide working people with a tax-deferred vehicle for accumulating savings that will supply them with income after they retire. The Self-Directed IRA contributions are deducted from taxable earned income and effectively allow savers to postpone paying taxes on the contributions until they […]

Property Taxes and Self-Directed Real Estate IRAs

Nothing is certain, it is said, but death and taxes. And so, it goes that even with the tremendous tax advantages of Self-Directed Real Estate IRAs, they are not totally free of taxation, either. In addition to unrelated debt-financed income tax (UDIT), which we have written about here, Self-Directed Real Estate IRAs must also pay […]