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Your Self-Directed SEP IRA

If you are self-employed you have the option of a Self-Directed SEP IRA, which stands for Simplified Employee Pension, for part or all of your retirement plan. In addition, a Self-Directed SEP IRA applies to small business owners, typically with up to 25 employees, who can also include a spouse, grown children, and other family […]

6 Tips for Taking Distributions from your Self-Directed IRA

You might believe that finding the best way to accumulate funds for retirement is difficult. Well, guess what? Withdrawing those funds is just as hard–if not harder–if you want to do it in a tax-savvy way. Failure to meet this challenge could result in you losing over half of your retirement money to income, estate, […]

Advantages of Self-Directed IRA Investing

Doing at least part of your long-term investing using a Self-Directed IRA has a number of important advantages: Opportunity for diversification. Most off-the-shelf retirement plans offered by Wall Street investment companies do not provide a way for you to access anything beyond stocks, bonds, funds and cash products. Some may offer annuities, but they are […]

Self-Directed IRAs for Business Owners – The Self-Directed SIMPLE IRA

Many business owners want to combine the tax advantages and flexibility of Self-Directed IRA investing with the higher contribution limits available in employer-sponsored plans. The Self-Directed SIMPLE IRA is a common and popular variant of the IRA designed for small businesses with 100 or fewer employees who do not want to go through the trouble […]