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IRS Announces Higher Self-Directed Contribution Limits for Self-Directed IRAs, 401(K)s

Self-Directed IRA Success Story Larry (66) and Ethel (62) were both successful real estate investors for years. But did not realize they could leverage their real estate experience and expertise using retirement funds until about 15 years ago, when they discovered investing with Self-Directed IRAs. They had significant assets in a Roth IRA account and […]

Tax Considerations for Self-Directed IRA Investors

The Self-Directed IRA is a potent tool both for investing and for the management of income tax liabilities. Traditional Self-Directed IRAs, like conventional Traditional IRAs and qualified retirement plans like 401(K)s, Self-Directed SEP IRAs and Self-Directed SIMPLE IRAs allow investors to defer tax liability on interest income, dividends and capital gains until they actually begin […]

President Trump Signs Executive Order that Could Ultimately Benefit Self-Directed IRA Savers

President Donald Trump signed an executive order recently to increase access to employer-sponsored retirement plans, which include the popular 401(K)s. By signing the order, President Trump has instructed the Departments of Labor and Treasury to explore methods to improve notice requirements, which would lessen the burden on small businesses and reduce paperwork for Self-Directed IRA […]

4th Quarter Financial Checklist for Self-Directed IRA Investors

It is autumn, and that means we are heading into the final quarter of the calendar year. That’s the most crucial one for Self-Directed IRA investors and any other taxpayers, because there are some critical deadlines at the end of the year all Self-Directed IRA investors, business owners and self-employed individuals should be aware of. […]

Are Your Self-Directed IRA Investments Generating Unrelated Income?

For just about every retirement investor who uses a Self-Directed IRA, most of those investments are exempt from federal income tax. Internal Revenue Code 408, and Section 512 of the Internal Revenue Codes exempts most forms of investment income generated within your Self-Directed IRA from taxation. This exemption includes dividends, loan interest, annuities, rental income from […]