Self-Directed Checkbook IRA

Show Notes – Checkbook IRA Webinar hosted by Kyle Moody

The IRA Café webinar series is well underway with this next installment of valuable information. Kyle Moody explores everything you ever wanted to know about Checkbook Control Self-directed IRAs – but were afraid to ask

Preparing for a Checkbook IRA should require taking stock of your retirement goals, understanding the process of creating a Single Member LLC, as well as having a clear idea of the types of investments you can make once the Checkbook IRA is ready to go. 

Here are some of the highlights: 

  1. Taking stock of your retirement goals 
  2. Understand how to create a Single Member LLC 
  3. Know what will be expected from you
  4. Know your limits 
  5. Oversee the entity documents 
  6. LLC distributions go to your IRA 
  7. Get your finances squared away 
    • Make sure your taxes are in good order 
    • Make sure you can locate all relevant accounts 
    • Make sure your financial house is organized 
    • Have a good accountant in your corner

8. The process, explained 

    • Open an IRA account 
    • Start a Single Member LLC 
    • Open a checking account for the LLC 
    • Invest 

9. Benefits of a checkbook IRA 

10. Limits/rules that apply 

Who benefits most from a Self-Directed Checkbook IRA?

If you do it right, you will! It’s important to know that the Checkbook IRA is a particular strategy that does tend to suit some strategies over others. If you want to incorporate a Checkbook IRA strategy into your overall portfolio, it can even benefit a retirement investor with multiple interests and avenues of generating wealth.  

To watch the full recording of this beneficial and informative Webinar, click here. 

On Zoom: 

If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of Self-Directed IRAs in more detail or have questions about getting started, reach out to American IRA at 1-866-7500-IRA (472). 

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