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Things You Need to Know About a Self-Directed Inherited IRA

It is estimated that $30 trillion of intergenerational wealth will be passed down over the next decades, creating both opportunities and risks those inheriting these potentially large sums of money. Some of these transfers will come in the form of a Self-Directed Inherited IRA (a.k.a. a Beneficiary IRA), which will allow inheritors/beneficiaries to manage these […]

Supercharge Your Self-Directed IRA Savings

It is one thing to open a Self-Directed IRA account. It is another thing to be diligent about funding it to the max, year in and year out. But every dollar you can sock away in a Self-Directed IRA account now increases your chances of achieving an economically secure retirement, sufficient to provide a reliable […]

Real Estate Self-Directed IRA Investing in Hawaii

Hawaii’s mild year-round climate and unparalleled natural beauty make it a potentially attractive place for Real Estate Self-Directed IRA investing. Land is scarce and in high demand – and the demand is increasing as Hawaii’s population continues to grow. This creates a natural support for real estate prices. Even as the nationwide market cools off, […]

Self-Directed 401(K) Loans

Generally, a participant is not permitted to make a withdrawal from an account under an employer-sponsored retirement plan, until that employee experiences a triggering event[1]. A loan is an exception to this requirement, allowing employees to take loans from their account balances under an employer sponsored retirement plan regardless of whether they experience any triggering […]

How to Own an LLC Within a Self-Directed IRA – And Do it Right!

Many people are surprised to learn that you can own limited liability companies (LLCs) within a Self-Directed IRA. It is true, there are certain things you cannot own within a Self-Directed IRA, including S corporations, collectibles, art, alcoholic beverages, jewelry, gems and life insurance. But it is perfectly acceptable and legal to own an interest […]