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4 Mistakes Self-Directed IRA Investors Make

By and large, the ranks of Self-Directed IRA owners are a savvy, experienced and successful lot. They have generally had some success in business, real estate, finance or in their chosen professions outside their retirement investing and have chosen to leverage their above average investment acumen in their retirement accounts. But we occasionally see some […]

Starting a Self-Directed IRA When you Inherit an IRA

Many real estate investors and other people who prefer asset classes that don’t fit in well with most off-the-shelf retirement products usually purchased from investment companies eventually find themselves faced with a problem: What to do with an inherited IRA? The answer for these individuals is usually to take these inherited assets, create a Self-Directed […]

How to Do Your Due Diligence with a Self-Directed IRA

Avoiding fraud might not be the most pleasant concept in the world of investment. But when you’re running your own Self-Directed IRA, it’s absolutely critical that you protect yourself from fraudulent scams and investment schemes. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a major obstacle to investing with a Self-Directed IRA. You only need vigilance and […]

Self-Directed Solo 401k Forms Checklist

Looking to start a Self-Directed Solo 401k plan with American IRA, LLC? It’s not a difficult process. But because a Self-Directed Solo 401k plan is a qualified retirement plan under the Employment Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), it may require a good number of forms to fill out or documents that you must […]

Bankrate’s ‘Best Cities for Retirement’ Tool Makes Southern Cities Look Good for Real Estate IRA Owners

A new tool created by the editors of Bankrate may help self-directed IRA owners identify not only the best cities to retire in, but also some of the best cities for a Real Estate IRA, as well. Real Estate IRA owners know the Bankrate Retirement Cities Selector tool lets you rank cities according to the […]