Self-Directed IRA Investing is easier than you might think. Depending on your current investment portfolio and the asset classes that you’re interested in, you may enter the process at various stages outlined below. If you’re not sure where to begin, please contact us today!

Real Estate IRA


Experience the freedom to invest in all types of real estate with your IRA. That’s correct; there are no limits to the types of real estate your IRA can purchase!

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Private IRA Lending


Banks build huge buildings because of the interest they earn. You can provide private loans with your IRA and earn interest on both secured and unsecured loans.

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Private Companies


Your IRA can purchase stock in private companies! Some great companies such as Google and Microsoft started out as private companies!

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Tax Liens
and Tax Sales


Tax liens are becoming more and more popular with the general public. Investing in tax liens offers potential high yields with the government collecting your profits for you.

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Other Investments


The sky is the limit! Pretty much anything you want to invest in can be done with a self directed IRA. The IRS guidelines say what you cannot invest in not what you may invest in.

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Partnerships &
Joint Ventures


Looking to bring in funds for that business deal? Joint Ventures and Partnerships allow your self directed IRA to enter into business arrangements with one or more individuals.

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Single Member
Checkbook LLC’s


Single Member Checkbook LLC’s offer you full ‘checkbook’ control over your self directed IRA account. This is a powerful tool in which you have complete control.

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True diversification! So, you want the full flexibility to purchase non-traditional assets with a self directed IRA and you still want the opportunity to purchase traditional stocks? With a self directed IRA you can do both!

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Solo 401(k)’s


Self-employed and need to save for retirement? The Solo 401(k) is designed for self-employed individuals. The Solo 401(k) offers high contribution limits for both Traditional and Roth money.

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Gold IRAs


Everyone knows about gold investing. What most people don’t know is that your IRA can purchase Gold and other precious metals and the profits can be tax deferred and/or tax free.

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