Providing IRA and 401(k) information to professionals

IRA News and Tips: The Self-Directed IRA Professionals Newsletter is a quarterly newsletter that provides professionals with tips, general information, and regulatory updates on traditional and Self-Directed IRAs. Professionals who provide retirement products and services to their clients will find the IRA newsletter helpful.

We know that each of you have clients who have traditional or Self-Directed IRAs or clients who will have a traditional or Self-Directed IRA some time in the future.  At some point, the services you provide to your client will cross paths with IRAs. This quarterly newsletter is designed with the professional in mind. This news will include information about:

  • Legislative and Regulatory Changes
  • Recent information on some of the top Self-Directed IRA investment areas
  • Timely information on 401(k)s, IRAs, and fiduciary changes
  • A calendar of upcoming deadlines, so that you can help your clients plan in advance
  • Announcements about upcoming Self-Directed IRA educational events, CE credit classes, and webinars
  • Other critical news alerts

Stay informed with this Quarterly publication at your fingertips.

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