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Missed Your 60-Day Rollover Deadline?

Here’s What Self-Directed IRA Owners Should Know The bad news is that you only have 60 days to complete an IRA rollover, and if you miss that deadline, whether you’re rolling over funds from a conventional IRA or a self-directed IRA, you may find the IRS will force you to treat the entire rollover as […]

Self-Directed IRA Retirement Tips You Need to Hear

Self-Directed IRA Retirement Tips You Need to Hear When you think about retirement, what are the conventional tips you receive? Diversify. Think about the long-term. But when it comes to a Self-Directed IRA, you’d be surprised at how many important tips even so-called experts might leave out. In order to get a better handle on […]

Tax Cuts! What the TCJA Means for Small Businesses

Many of our clients and customers own or operate small businesses, including corporations, partnerships and LLCs. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, or TCJA, provides a number of tax breaks that benefit small businesses as well as individual investors in self-directed retirement accounts. Most notably, the TCJA reduces the corporate income tax rate […]

Foreclosure Properties in your Real Estate IRA

Buying distressed or foreclosed real estate at a discount and then either fixing and flipping or renting it out as a long-term income property is a tried and true investment strategy for both conventional real estate investors and real estate IRA owners. Real estate IRA owners have the advantage of tax-deferred rental income (within a […]

What Most Investors Don’t Know About the Real Estate IRA

What Most Investors Don’t Know About the Real Estate IRA You might know that real estate can be a great investment. You might even know that it can be a vital part of a retirement portfolio. But you’d be surprised at just how few people understand the Real Estate IRA and what it entails in […]

Common Mistakes in Self-Directed IRA LLC Operating Agreements

Every LLC you put in a Self-Directed IRA needs an operating agreement. But if you don’t draft the operating agreement properly, you could make your LLC nearly impossible to run, and even endanger your Self-Directed IRA’s eligibility for the federal tax advantages we normally associate with these accounts. This could result in substantial taxes and […]

As Stocks Soar, Advisors Suggest Diversifying with Self-Directed IRAs

As major U.S. stock indices continue to climb to ever greater record highs, more financial planners are encouraging their clients to direct a portion of their retirement portfolios to self-directed IRA strategies. Why? Diversification. The higher stocks go, the more potentially dangerous the market becomes for risk-sensitive investors. The time has come to take some […]