American IRA, Proud Sponsor of Metrolina REIA, Announces They Will Be Attending The 2nd Annual Metrolina REIA Vendor Expo Trade Fair

American IRA, Self-Directed IRA administrators and proud sponsors of Metrolina REIA, announces they will be attending the 2nd Annual Metrolina REIA Vendor Expo Trade Fair.

James C. Hitt, CEO of American IRA, says “This is a great event and I enjoy the opportunity to meet hundreds of real estate investors and dozens of vendors. It is especially beneficial to meet other professionals who share my passion for real estate investing.”

American IRA will be attending this event and sharing their self-directed IRA knowledge helping event attendees to see the benefits of pulling their IRA account out from under the “traditional” rock of investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds and rolling those funds into a Self-directed IRA.

Sean McKay, Vice President of Business Development at American IRA, says “One of the best things about educating people about self-directed IRAs and other types of self-directed retirement accounts is watching the excitement they have when they learn They Can Decide what they want to invest in including non-traditional assets such as: real estate, private lending, limited liability companies, precious metals and much more!” He goes on to note “Of course, the best conversations I have are the ones when excited clients call me about the success of their investment. Nothing is better than talking to a satisfied and successful client!”.

Metrolina REIA says these are the Top 10 Reasons Investors CAN’T MISS Metrolina REIA’s Upcoming Vendor Expo:

Here are the top ten reasons investors CAN’T MISS our upcoming event:

10. Get instant access to dozens of vendors at one easy event.
9. Speak with them one-on-one, and get specific, informed answers to your questions.
8. Get free samples from “eager to please” vendors.
7. Get access to exclusive vendor savings.
6. A local event means local vendors – always a big plus!
5. Utilize your most valuable resource, TIME! 40 Vendors in one room.
4. “Window shop” – ask multiple vendors of the same product what they would offer you, and
make a quick decision on how to move forward.
3. Get entered into contests for thousands of dollars in prizes – including our grand prize of
Real Estate Education materials valued at over $2000.
2. Build a professional team that will lead to bigger deals, and bigger profits.
1. Best of all, entry to this event is FREE.