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Self Directed IRA -7 Income-Generating Investments For Yours

One of the many advantages of adopting a Self Directed IRA investing strategy is that you can take a ‘go anywhere, do anything’ approach to investing. You aren’t limited to the asset classes that traditional investment advisors sell or even know about. This lets you add additional diversification to your portfolio while still giving you […]

Self Directed IRA Owners – Don’t Make These IRA Mistakes

Every so often, it’s worthwhile to go over the most common mistakes Self Directed IRA owners make. Surprisingly, even though the vast majority of our own Self Directed IRA clients are successful and experienced investors, we find that even these folks are prone to making some of these mistakes, though occasionally we can alert them […]

Self Directed IRA Investors – “Less Than Zero.” What Should They Make of Negative Interest Rates?

Here in the United States, Self Directed IRA investors have generally taken it for granted that the interest rates commonly available on ‘safe money’ – what investment theorists refer to as the “risk-free rate of return’ will be positive. Sure, we understand that inflation could outpace the rate of return on money markets. But at […]