Self-Directed Real Estate IRA: Benefit from a Recovering Economy

Self-Directed Real Estate IRABefore the Great Recession, housing prices were hitting all-time highs and everything looked bright for the real estate market. It wasn’t until a few years ago that the asset bubble popped – things were going too far, too fast. Since then, prices have declined quite a bit in a widespread correction.

Having said that, a number of economic variables have changed in recent months and the U.S. economy has leveled out, even growing beyond what it once was in some respects. This has benefited many asset classes, which is why a self-directed real estate IRA is ideal at this point in time. Many experts claim that the best is yet to come, and investors are taking notice. Prices have started to climb again, so a number of investors are rushing into real estate and buying up good deals while they still can.

Real estate is a wonderful way to strengthen your IRA’s portfolio – real estate will always have value, and you can use it for a number of different purposes including rental income. The tax benefits that IRAs possess are also hard to compete with. Investing in a property in your IRA’s name means that neither you nor any persons disqualified by the IRS will be able to utilize it until you reach 59.5 years of age.

You can definitely profit from a self-directed real estate IRA in short order. For example, you can fix up a house and sell it at an increased price or put your property up for rental. While you won’t be able to access these returns until you reach retirement age, it’s definitely a fantastic way to build up your nest egg. The Wall Street Journal, dated Tuesday March 19, 2013, front page headline says 57% of workers are saving too little to retire; careful planning can ensure that you are not among those unprepared for retirement.

As always, check with your real estate professionals and perform all necessary due diligence before taking part in any transaction.

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