Metrolina REIA – Main Monthly Meeting | June 2013

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Hilton Hotel
Address: 5624 Westpark Drive , Charlotte , NC

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Start Date: 06/20/2013 | Start Time: 6:00 PM
End Date: 06/20/2013 | Approx. End Time: 9:30 PM
Registration Deadline: 06/20/2013 | Meet Time: 6:00 PM


Why Own Rental Property When You Can Own the Cash Flow Instead?

There are approximately 1 Trillion dollars in money market accounts and 7 Trillion dollars in bank deposits. Many investors, fearful of the stock market and precious metal prices, are now looking at alternative investments. Real estate, particularly rental property, is becoming the investment of choice and many “new” investors are entering the market.

These new real estate investors are not particularly enamored by the idea of owning and managing rental property but they recognize the opportunity as a better alternative to other investments. For many, the duties, liabilities and responsibilities of rental property ownership becomes a turn-off and they either leave the real estate market or never even enter into it.

What these investors don’t realize is that they can own the cash flow without having to own the property itself. In addition, the right to the cash flow is secured by the property itself. Once this concept is fully understood, investors simply never look at real estate the same way again. They clearly see that owning the paper, which entitles them to the cash flow, is better than owning the property.

Unlike owning real property, when you own the paper, you do not have ownership or management duties, liabilities and responsibilities. You are not a landlord; you are a financial entity that allows another individual to pay for the purchase of their property over time.

The “paper industry” has an abundance of performing and non-performing assets. The inventory of current notes as compared to the inventory of REO’s and Short Sales isn’t even close: The note inventory is much greater but without the excessive competition. This field requires specialized knowledge that most real estate investors simply don’t have. At NoteSchool we have been practicing what we preach for 30 years.

Eddie Speed, Founder of NoteSchool, President of Colonial Funding Group
For over 32 years, Eddie has been a true leader and innovator in the Note Buying Industry. Already the recipient of the NoteWorthy Industry Achievement Award, his industry insight, drive and leadership has positioned him as the leading expert on the greatest opportunities in today’s market: Non-Performing Notes and Seller Financing.

His advice and guidance has created more successful note investors than anyone in the industry; it’s no wonder his advise is sought after by industry leaders, A-listed corporations and the industries top producers.


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