Self-Directed IRA for Retirement

Turbulent stocks or even the rapidly shifting bond market.What’s the difference between an old fashioned traditional retirement account and a 21st century self-directed IRA account? If you’re familiar with the old adage of “not placing all your eggs in one basket,” this classic advice still rings true. The difference is that an old fashioned retirement account is primarily securities based and a 21st century self-directed IRA truly allows you to diversify the assets in your retirement account.

A self-directed IRA account from American IRA, for example, enables you to invest in assets that offer much more diversity. Rather than pouring all of your hard-earned savings into turbulent stocks or even the rapidly shifting bond market, you can instead focus on private lending, real estate, joint ventures, and other asset classes. The long term effects of this flexibility are quite striking – if a given asset class is constantly shifting, your self-directed IRA’s other assets can go a long way toward reducing account volatility.

So in a nutshell, what we’re calling a “self-directed IRA” is one that allows you to make the most of your investing knowledge by giving you the ability to invest in what you understand.

Are you an experienced tax lien investor? Do you regularly buy and sell real estate? Would you like to start your own private company with many of the benefits that a self-directed IRA brings? Self-direction is an amazing way to enhance your portfolio’s diversification!

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