Strategic Marketing Secrets

Jim Hitt, American IRA CEO, will be speaking at this live seminar event.

Dates: Jan 30-31 & Feb 1, 2014


Residence Inn Tempe Downtown/University
510 South Forest Avenue,
Tempe, AZ 85281

Attend This Live Event to Discover Advanced Techniques Like:

  • How to Get Motivated Sellers Calling You
  • How to Get More of Your Offers Accepted
  • How to Sell or Occupy Properties Faster
  • How to Systematically Build your Buyer Lists
  • How to Raise More Private Money
  • How to Creatively Buy Houses Using None of Your Own Money and With No Credit
  • Advanced Online and Offline Techniques for Generating  Leads So You Can Cherry Pick the Best Deals
  • What’s Working Best from California to New York
  • How to Analyze a Deal to Confidently Move Forward Without Fear
  • How to Use Social Media To Grow Your REI Business
  • Strategies for Amassing Millions of Dollars Tax Free Using Your Self-Directed IRA for Investing
  • How to Find Other People Who Have IRA’s and Use THEIR Money to Fund Your Deals

Reasons To Attend A Live Event:

  • The Value of  Networking for 3 Solid Days with Like-Minded People is Priceless!
  • Training Can Go More In-Depth With Follow Up Questions
  • Speak 1:1 to Others Who Are Doing This Every Day – Ask Them Questions, Listen, Confirm Your Ideas, Generate New Ideas
  • Immerse Yourself In Your Business and *FOCUS* on What You Want To Achieve and How You Will Get There
  • Shorten The Learning Curve and Mistakes by Learning From Those Who Have Been There, Done That
  • Have an Opportunity to Spend Extra Time With Richard Roop and The Coaches for 3 days!  Over 1,000 + Deals Between Them!
  • Find Potential Accountability Partners and Potential Referral Partners
  • Hear From other Students from our Student Success Panels

 This event is hosted by Richard Roop.

One of thRichard Roope countries best kept secrets for training real estate investors. Sharing his free and clear cash strategies, Richard Roop has taught thousands of real estate investors throughout the nation how to generate cash now, cash flow, and cash for later, regardless of what’s happening in the economy. Richard is one of the top direct response marketing ‘gurus’ and consultants dedicated to helping real estate investors generate more leads, negotiate better deals and create more consistent, predictable cash each month.  He specializes in sharing proven, low cost real estate direct marketing strategies for attracting a steady flow of motivated sellers, as well as real estate business marketing systems for getting investment properties occupied fast. Richard also teaches investors systematic approaches to growing their businesses, leveraging their time and increasing their profitability on each deal.  Richard’s real estate direct marketing approach to investing teaches investors to achieve their financial goals WITHOUT hunting for deals, relying on agents, using their credit, offering large down payments, struggling with tenants, borrowing from banks or calling sellers.

Richard has been a full time creative real estate investor since 1996. He has bought over 500 homes, manages millions of dollars in real estate and still actively buys and sells houses every month near his home in the Woodland Park, Colorado.

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