Jim Hitt, CEO Of American IRA-A National Self-Directed IRA Provider, Will Be A Guest Speaker At Richard Roop’s Strategic Marketing Secrets Live Success Retreat.

This event is powered up with two seasoned and extremely successful real estate investors who have invested both with and without their Self-Directed IRAs. Beginning real estate investors will find the tools and knowledge they need to move forward and intermediate to advanced investors will be given a wealth of information to help them take their investing to the next level.

Jim Hitt, CEO and Founder of American IRA, will be a guest speaker at this event. Jim has over 40 years investment experience in all areas including the financing and acquisition of real estate, private offerings, mortgage lending, business’s, joint ventures, partnerships and limited liability companies using creative techniques. Jim’s developed, owned, and managed everything from single family homes to multi-unit commercial properties and million dollar business’s. Jim uses his experience to educate people about the power of tax-free and/or tax-deferred investing with Self-Directed IRAs.

Richard Roop has been a full time creative real estate investor since 1996. Richard has taught thousands of real estate investors throughout the nation how to generate cash now, cash flow, and cash for later, regardless of what’s happening in the economy. Richard has bought over 500 homes, manages millions of dollars in real estate and still actively buys and sells houses every month in Woodland Park, Colorado.

Attend this event to discover:

* How to Get Motivated Sellers Calling
* How to Get More Sellers Submitting Property Info Online
* How to Get More Offers Accepted
* How to Sell or Occupy Properties Faster
* How to Build Buyer Lists
* How to Raise More Private Money
* How to Have Private Lenders Waiting in Line for Next Deal
* How to Become a Marketing Pro
* How to Create Winning Marketing Campaigns
* How to Operate on a Shoestring Budget
* How to Reduce Wasted Time, Money & Effort
* How to Develop Positive Habits, Attitudes & Expectations
* How to Delegate & Outsource Most of the Work
* How to Generate Leads
* How to Write Compelling Ads, Emails & Letters
* How to Target the Most Qualified Prospects
* How to Hit the Right People at the Right Time
* How to Increase Ad Response
* How to Track, Organize & Manage Leads
* How to Convert More Leads into Cash Profits
* How to Create Sales Presentations in Print
* How to Get More Referrals & Repeat Business
* How to Follow Up Systematically
* How to Drive Free Traffic to Websites, Blogs & Online Ads
* How to Get Ranked Higher with Search Engines
* How to Increase Opt-ins
* How to Make Money with Social Media
* How to Create & Manage a Real Estate Website
* How to Cash in on Mobile Marketing Opportunities
* How to Find & Build the Best Mailing Lists
* How to Handle Incoming Calls for Maximum Results
* How to Select & Advertise in Offline Publications
* How to Distribute Flyers and Send Postcards for Free

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