Performing Due Diligence as a Lender – Joint Webinar

Presented by Sean McKay, Senior Vice President of American IRA, and J. Eric Kindberg, Attorney at Law with Berger, Kindberg, & Navarro Law.

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Date: February 26, 2014

Time: 7:00 p.m.


Join this webinar and learn “How to be a successful real estate business based private lender”.

1. Definitions: Consumer vs Commercial Lender

2. What Do You Want to Be?

3. Time involvement

4. Expand from what you know

5. Case Study:  Frank the retired NYC Plumber

a. What’s he want to be

b. Time

c. Level of Ignorance

d. Making Choices

e. Making the Deal

i. Check out Bob

ii. Check out the Property

1. Physically

2. Fiscally

iii. Check out the Purchase Contract

iv.  Check out the Numbers

f. Do You Have Any Doubts?

g. Protect Yourself at Closing.

h. Protect Yourself After the Closing.

i.  When Things Go Wrong

j.  Your Backup Plan

i.  Short Term

ii. Medium Term

iii. Long Term

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J. Eric Kindberg Bio:

REAL ESTATE ATTORNEY, REAL ESTATE INVESTOR, REAL ESTATE BUILDER, REAL ESTATE BROKER,  Eric Kindberg just likes to play in the dirt.  He passed the South Carolina bar in 1975, after graduating from USC, obtained his Real Estate Broker license soon thereafter, and purchased his first rental property in 1977, in Greenville, SC.  Fifteen years later, he moved to North Carolina, passed the NC Bar, and has practiced law, played with rental property, been a private lender, run a general construction company, and generally had a good time ever since.  His law practice concentrates in two areas:

First, he emphasizes investment real estate, investment real estate borrowers, and private lenders.  How to buy’em, how to fix’em, , how to hold’em, how to sell’em and how to lend money on’em.  All while staying as legal and as protected as possible.

Second, his practice concentrates on protecting and transferring accumulated wealth via Wills, Trusts, POAs, skillful Estate Administration, and the proper use of corporations, LLC’s, land trusts and other created entities.

Eric is also the Executive Director of the Carolina Private Lender Association.

He may be reached at [email protected] or [email protected] or directly at 704-507-6444.

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