Sell Your Property and Save Taxes with 1031 Exchanges

Sean McKay (Senior Vice President at American IRA), John Hazlehurst, Esq. (Partner in the Hazlehurst & Blake PLLC law firm), and William (“Bill”) G. Hester (President of Exchange Accommodators, Inc.) will be presenting this joint webinar.

Event Location: This event is a webinar that you can attend from your computer.

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Date: April 8th

Time: 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


We love Self-Directed IRA’s because of the ability to invest in real estate tax free or tax deferred.

What if we told you there was another strategy to sell a property and not have to pay Uncle Sam?!?!

At American IRA, we want to continuously expand your investment knowledge and on April 8th, we have a terrific educational opportunity. John Hazlehurst and Bill Hester from Exchange Accommodators will educate us on doing 1031 exchanges!

Speaker Bios:

John Hazlehurst, Esq.

John is a partner in the Hazlehurst & Blake PLLC law firm, 5925 Carnegie Blvd, Suite 200, Charlotte, North Carolina 28209.  (Yale Law School (JD), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Economics)).  He specializes in commercial real estate, small business corporate and financing law.  He was a founding member, in 1992, of Realty Exchange, Inc. a qualified intermediary company located in Charlotte, and then started Exchange Accommodators, Inc. in 1996.  Together with Bill Hester, John has handled many hundreds of “like kind” exchange transactions in the States of North and South Carolina (and the east coast of the United States, in general).

William (“Bill”) G. Hester

Bill is the President of Exchange Accommodators, Inc. (qualified intermediary company) and Associated Real Estate Advisors, Inc. (commercial real estate broker) and he attended Clemson University. He specializes in acquisition and the sale of commercial real estate and is a specialist in the use of 1031 exchanges in order to defer taxes. He has been in the real estate business for more than 20 years.  Bill joined Realty Exchange, Inc. in 1994, and then joined Exchange Accommodators in 1997, and has been an officer of the company since.

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