American IRA, A National Self-Directed IRA Administrator, Responds To The Announcement That Fidelity Investments And Google Invested One Billion Dollars In Spacex

Savvy Self-Directed IRA investors invest in virtually every kind of investment including some cutting edge technology companies. To seize those opportunities, they keep their eyes open watching for announcements such as the one billion dollars Fidelity Investments and Google invested in SpaceX.

Self-Directed IRAThere is no doubt that the most successful Self-Directed IRA investors are the ones that are paying attention to everything that is going on in the business and private sector. The most recent announcement by is no exception. On January 20th, 2015, they announced that Fidelity Investments and Google invested $1 billion in SpaceX.

Okay, so those reading this article may be thinking about the fact that SpaceX is not publicly traded so no one can use their IRA to buy stock in the company. While that is true, the fact is that individuals can and do invest in private companies with their IRAs. Think for a moment about some of the major companies that started in their parent’s garage. Google, for instance, was started by just 2 individuals. Indeed it is quite profitable to get in on the ground floor when a business is in start up mode. This is generally a high risk/high reward situation. If an investor chooses wisely and the company takes off, then it is a high yield situation. On the flip side, a start-up is a start-up…a brand new idea that may or may not be embraced by its target consumers so there is the possibility of losing money when investing in a start-up. The key is for investors to do their research, consult with professionals and, if all looks good, to invest only the portion of funds they can afford to.

According to the January 20th, article on, “SpaceX is working on innovation in the areas of space transport, reusability, and satellite manufacturing”.

The article further explains that “An earlier article reported Google is considering investing in SpaceX to support its plan to deliver hundreds or thousands of micro satellites into a low (750 mile) orbit around the globe to serve Internet to rural and developing areas of the world.”

This should reminder investors everywhere that their investment options are nearly limitless.


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