American IRA Client Purchases The “Up” House In Seattle Washington With Their Self-Directed IRA

This Self-Directed IRA Client Realized the Sky is the Limit When Purchasing the “Up” House in Seattle, Washington.

Self-Directed IRA Client Purchases "Up" House in Seattle WAEdith Macefield became famous when she turned down $1 million she was offered to sell her home to make way for a commercial development.

The home was later surrounded by commercial buildings and became a famous tourist attraction especially after the Disney movie “Up”. According to the New York Times, A spokesman for Disney’s Pixar Animation Studios, Michael Agulnek, said in an email that the house in “Up,” released in 2009, was “not based on any real location.” Still the homes resemblance has attracted tourists (especially children) from all over. Most of them have attached balloons to the fence surrounding the house.

While the client who has purchased this home with their Self-Directed IRA wishes to remain anonymous, American IRA has been given permission to share that it was obtained through foreclosure. Given the story behind the home and the public interest, an American IRA spokesperson said that the client who is selling the house and the 1,550-square-foot lot, said in a statement: “After witnessing the tremendous interest in the house from around the world, the seller is more determined than ever to make sure that Edith Macefield’s legacy will survive. We do not know what will happen to the house, but we can and will make sure that a place will be established where people may pay tribute to Edith Macefield.”

This home was purchased with a Self-Directed IRA as an investment and the current owner, who is selling the home, is now accepting bids to purchase the home. A close eye is being kept on both the amount of the bid and the details as to how the new owner will incorporate a tribute to Edith Macefield in their plans.




















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