Real Estate IRA – Why want one in This Day and Age?

We live in a digital world. We log onto the Internet all the time, and check our stocks. In the information age, it can sometimes seem strange that you would ever want a Real Estate IRA that included something of real value like real estate or gold and precious metals.

In fact, some people aren’t even aware that they can include these investments in their Real Estate IRA. Instead, they simply follow the traditional advice – which usually nets them a complete reliability on the strength of the stock market.

Why would anyone consider an alternative, like a Real Estate IRA? As it turns out, there are a lot of reasons. In fact, there are so many reasons that we can only list a few of them here. But as you’ll see, it’s not very difficult to understand the power of a Real Estate IRA; what’s difficult is seeing the signs out there that your retirement portfolio needs more than a few mutual funds.

A Real Estate IRA Can Help You Generate an Income After Retirement

Because real estate is so conducive to generating an income – you are, after all, frequently renting it out – it can be ideal for someone who wants an income in retirement but isn’t sure they’ll be able to rely on the traditional means. In your retirement days, you don’t want to simply withdraw money from an investment account and hope that you don’t outlive it – that’s essentially a savings account. An investment account should continue to generate money for you even after you withdraw some of it to live off of.

Not Everyone Trusts Social Security to Handle their Income

Many people these days rely on social security to get by. But the truth is, social security hasn’t always been around. People were able to generate retirement income for themselves before the days of social security. And if you don’t trust social security alone to provide yourself with the income you’ll need after retirement, then the time to take action is now. A Real Estate IRA is a great way to look at a different way of generating that income.

You May Well Outlive Your Retirement Account

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to make sure that you have a consistent investment that continues to generate value for you even after you’re done working. An investment account that essentially serves as a savings account won’t do you any good, especially in this day and age when many people can be in retirement for thirty years – and more!

Pensions Can No Longer Be Relied Upon

Although some fully-funded pensions out there are still able to offer a high degree of security after you retire, that doesn’t mean that pensions as a whole are doing the job of keeping retirees in income. A Real Estate IRA is another way to look at retirement income that doesn’t require that someone else fund it, which will help ensure that your own security is taken care of. It will also help you achieve peace of mind that many people, sadly, do not have.

Taking Action Now is Always Important

No matter what you do for retirement, you have to get planning now. After all, there are few ways you can plan for retirement the older you get; when you’re younger, however, you have more options available to you – options like Real Estate IRAs. Be sure to call us at 828-257-4949 if you want to know more about Self-Directed and Real Estate IRAs, and keep on browsing our site to learn more about how to secure a better future for yourself.

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