Real Estate IRAs -Do You Have the Personality Type

It’s true: Self-Directed IRAs like Real Estate IRAs aren’t only the kinds of investment tools that the wealthy can use.

Real Estate IRAs are available to anyone who wants to build wealth and a nest egg. But even though we think these accounts are great for a wide range of people, there are certain “personality types” who will get particular pleasure out of using real estate as an investment vehicle for their retirement.

Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at some of the signs that you might have the right personality type to invest in real estate to build security for your retirement:

Real Estate IRAs and the Way You Think about Retirement

Think about retirement for a moment. More specifically, think about your retirement. How do you want it to go? Are you happy with a steady income from some kind of source like a pension, or do you want to build so much wealth that you never even have to worry about income?

The way you think about retirement will shape the strategies you utilize along the way. And Real Estate IRAs are unique in that they let you try for both strategies: you can utilize leverage to build a lot of wealth and you can use real estate to provide yourself with an income through retirement.

But there are other ways that you might think about retirement that particularly suit real estate as an investment. For one, maybe you don’t trust that the stock market is going to hold steady; you want something else in order to diversify your holdings. For another, maybe you believe in investing in real wealth; that is, purchases that are a finite resource, like land. If these philosophies jive with your investment knowledge, you may be exactly the kind of person looking for a Real Estate IRA.

Little Moments You Know You’re “Built” For Real Estate

Of course, knowing whether or not this kind of investment vehicle is for you is not merely about your investment strategy. There are other areas of your life that might indicate that you’re exactly the type of person who can enjoy investing in real estate:

  • …when you pass in front of a “for sale” sign and you wonder, “I’ll wonder how much I could sell that for.”
  • …when you see a “for rent” sign and instantly start calculating all of the reasons that a space has no tenants.
  • …when you find yourself perusing the local real estate ads and enjoying yourself even though you’re not in the market for anything in particular.
  • …when you can’t stop watching real estate TV shows on Netflix—especially if you happen to criticize the way investors are handling their real estate.
  • …when friends and family come to you for real estate advice, even though you’re not a real estate agent.
  • …when you constantly post real estate-related links to your social media and you couldn’t care less if anyone else had an interest; you simply “had to share.”

Needless to say, if one or more of these sound like you, then you might want to at least consider the possibilities afford to you by Real Estate IRAs.

If you’re still not sure, you can always learn more. Visit our Real Estate IRA page here at or simply get in touch with us by dialing 828-257-4949. We’ll be glad to talk to you about Self-Directed IRAs and help you learn more. Of course, if this article accurately described your personality type, there’s a chance that you already know a lot of the information out there!

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