Real Estate IRA -Five Reasons to Invest for the Long Term

If you’re like a lot of investors, you take a look at the stock market and occasionally have a thought that resembles a little something like “no, thanks.” Oh, we all believe in the stock market, to be sure—it’s one of the most reliable methods of investing there is if you’re properly diversified. But that doesn’t mean we all want to have 100% of our investments in the stock market there. If we’re smart, we like looking for other sources of investments…which is why so many of us think about a Real Estate IRA.

But is real estate really a good investment long-term, or is it one of those investments that only works out if you’re lucky enough to buy the right property at the right time? It’s an interesting question, which is why we’d like to answer it with five reasons that real estate investing can be very advantageous even in a long-term scenario.

Reason #1: Profit goes into your Real Estate IRA tax-free or tax-deferred.

One of the most important reasons to invest in real estate through a Self-Directed IRA are the protections of the retirement account. As you earn profit through a piece of real estate, that profit will be protected as part of your retirement portfolio. There are some limitations on real estate in a retirement portfolio, sure—for example, you can’t live in an investment property you own through a real estate IRA—but those limitations aren’t the only aspects of investing in real estate. Long-term growth is possible because of the protections of retirement accounts.

Reason #2: Real estate in an IRA is stress-free.

If you don’t like the idea of being a “landlord,” consider that in a Real Estate IRA, you’re actually required to use a property manager. Your role is actually passive, accepting any profits that might be made. You won’t be living in your real estate, you won’t be managing the day-to-day affairs of the real estate…you’ll be allowed to simply kick back and let your investment be an investment. It’s a little bit like owning a mutual fund in that regard.

Reason #3: Long-term ownership.

Because you can use leverage in a Real Estate IRA through non-recourse loans, you’ll be able to build up equity in the real estate until you own it outright. That means that your investment money that’s going into the real estate will one day give you that real estate. Imagine ending up at retirement with a tangible asset to show for all of your effort!

Reason #4: Real estate helps diversify.

One of the reasons you might be interested in real estate already is that it constitutes a prime opportunity to diversify your assets. If you have a lot of money in the stock market but want something more tangible to hold on to, a Real Estate IRA can provide that for you.

Reason #5: Real estate can provide an income when you need it most.

Since so much of retirement investing is hinged on the idea of giving you an income when you need it most—when you’re retired or can no longer work—earning money through real estate is one of the most immediate ways that you can ensure you’ll have something from which to earn that money.

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