Self-Directed IRA

Where to Find the Best Self-Directed IRA Knowledge

When an investor opens a Self-Directed IRA, they also open up all sorts of possibilities for retirement investing. That means the possibilities of investing in real estate, precious metals, tax liens, private notes, and more. But as you might imagine, having access to all of this freedom also means that investors have to be wary of the decisions they make. After all, when you use a Self-Directed IRA, you’re in charge. And that means doing your due diligence to ensure you make the best possible decisions with your IRA.

To that end, we’ve assembled some great places you can find Self-Directed IRA knowledge to help you in your journey. Let’s take a closer look.

On YouTube: “The Lousy Investor”

This YouTube channel asks a simple question: do you have to be an expert investor to get rich? Maybe you can be a lousy investor and still set aside substantial amounts of money for retirement! You can check out the Lousy Investor channel on YouTube to find all sorts of information related to Self-Directed IRA investing. Many of these videos are long-form and audio-only, giving you a podcast-like experience so you can hear about all sorts of topics.

As you might imagine, there is so much information available out there that you can learn all about a topic and still never run out of ideas. Of course, you may have your specific strategy picked out already—but chances are, you can listen about this strategy at the Lousy Investor.

The Self-Directed IRA Information Center

Want a basic overview of how IRA investing works, as well as the fundamentals for how to approach a Self-Directed IRA? We have a free knowledge center here at American IRA that you might want to explore. You’ll have to register with your email address, but there’s no subscription fee. You can simply log in, check out the information, and start learning all about what it is you want to do with your Self-Directed IRA.

This membership is free and comes with all sorts of information-dense resources, including:

  • Powerpoint presentations
  • In-depth IRA reference materials
  • Downloadable Self-Directed IRA guides (free)
  • Hundreds of useful articles about specific investment topics
  • Large video and audio libraries so you can pick the medium best for your learning style

This is a no-strings-attached way to get more information about Self-Directed IRA investing. Yes, we hope that you’ll find the resources here so valuable that you’ll want to open your IRA with us, but there’s no obligation to use this information that way. You can simply absorb it, share it with friends, or use it to inform the strategies you employ with an existing Self-Directed IRA.

Why a Self-Directed IRA?

A Self-Directed IRA gives you the access you need to invest in a wide range of assets for retirement. It’s distinct from the traditional approach to investing with retirement accounts because of these options. But with those options comes the responsibility of knowing what you’re doing. You might have some knowledge in an area like real estate investing, for example, but who’s ever learned so much about a topic that they never have to learn anything again? We think the “student” mindset is one of the most valuable ways to build a long-term approach to retirement investing that will work for you.

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