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Self-Directed IRA – The Five Highest-Tax States for Retirees

When you retire with a Self-Directed IRA, traditional IRA or other tax-deferred investment, you presumably benefited from tax deferral for many years. But now that you’re retired and beginning to draw down your IRA to generate income, it’s time to pay the piper, so to speak. Income from a Self-Directed IRA attributable to contributions for […]

Self-Directed IRA and Trust Deed Investing

Trust-deeds are a little-known but long-established investment niche popular with private lenders, and many Self-Directed IRA owners. In a trust deed loan, a Self-Directed IRA owner would make a private loan to a borrower with the loan secured by some specific collateral – generally in the form of real estate. However, the market isn’t just […]

Self-Directed IRA – 8 Tips For Private Lending

With thousands of accounts nationwide, our firm has many investors from coast-to-coast who have been quite successful at private lending within a Self-Directed IRA. This kind of lending has the advantage of competitive yields, terrific flexibility on terms and pricing (if you avoid the big P2P lending sites, which generally shoehorn borrowers and lenders into […]

Self-Directed IRA Investments: Consolidate Under One Roof

Most of our Self-Directed IRA-owning clients have been investing for a while. By the time many of them reach their peak earning years, they have often amassed a confusing array of IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401(k), 403(b) and SIMPLE accounts with previous employers, and other retirement plans at different investment companies. That’s on top of annuities, […]

Self-Directed IRA Owners: Beware Of This Gold Mistake

The vast majority of Self-Directed IRA transactions occur without a hitch. But you need to know the rules – or at least have someone in your corner who knows the rules. This is especially true with gold and precious metals purchased with IRA funds, because there are a number of special rules that apply specifically […]

Self-Directed IRA Corner

Often times you’ll read articles in mainstream consumer financial magazines recommending that IRA owners consolidate all their IRAs and other retirement accounts into a single IRA. They cite lower account statement fees and convenience as their reasons. And of course, it’s much easier to track a single IRA than multiple accounts with different companies. But […]

Best Ways to Take Distributions from a Self-Directed IRA

Do you have a distribution strategy for your Self-Directed IRA accounts? You should. And it should involve more than just calculating your bare minimum income needs and RMD requirements. Self-Directed IRA owners – especially those with multiple Self-Directed IRA accounts and properties – should take distributions according to a well-thought-out, rational plan that safeguards not […]