In Case You Missed It: Special Guest Jim Manning from Three Doors 

The IRA Café webinar series is well underway with this next installment of valuable information. In this episode, we hosted a special Q&A session with Jim Manning of Three Doors. 

About Jim Manning: 

Our success should be judged by what was given up to get it. Jim’s first job out of school was working for a self made billionaire. He had the private jets, and every material thing you could ever want. Unfortunately, the billionaire was absolutely miserable. And so 15 years ago Jim set out to find a way to become financially free without sacrificing his personal life. The passive income generated from investments has enabled Jim to found multiple successful real estate companies, while still being a present husband and Dad for his family. Along the way Jim discovered that he also had a knack for creating financial freedom for others. He’s now on a mission to show others how to generate passive income from real estate without doing any of the work. 

Here are some of the highlights: 

  1. A discussion about Jim’s investment experience. 
  1. The success rate of real estate investors. 
  1. Jim’s work on The Passive Wealth Show podcast. 
  1. Jim shared his experience with doing just 1 deal in his first 18 months to now running a profitable business. 
  1. Jim’s breakthrough in his investing career that brought him to financial freedom. 
  1. A discussion of current real estate market trends. 
  1. The “Market of the Moment” concept and how to make it work for you. 

 You can reach Jim Manning at:   

13610 Barrett Office Dr Suite 9g, Ballwin, MO 63021 


J[email protected]  


To watch the full recording of this beneficial and informative Webinar, click here. 

On Zoom:  


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