Investors are Getting Smarter about Self-Directed IRAs

Although IRA accounts have been legally allowed to invest in non-traditional assets for over 35 years, few Americans were aware of their options until recently.

American IRA, LLC, one of the industry leaders in Self-directed retirement services, has been working to educate the public about their investment and retirement options. The recent numbers show that people are listening. The latest trend in retirement savings and investment is the savvy investor.

The financial community has long ignored the diversification options of IRA accounts. Non-traditional investments have been allowed in IRA accounts since the Employment Retirement Security Act (ERISA) passed in 1975. However, after more than 35 years most mainstream financial institutions continue to limit the investment options of IRA accounts to traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Until recently, most individuals holding IRA investment accounts have been unaware of their options.

Statistics show that, with the flagging economy and the increased popularity of IRA accounts, people are becoming more informed. According to a recent Associated Press poll, 73 percent of retirees are planning to work past retirement; this number is up from 67 percent just this spring. As 32 percent of those surveyed say they have lost money in their IRA account, those traditional investment methods are becoming less and less reliable.

American IRA, LLC is one of the premiere companies offering self-directed IRA accounts. With these accounts, investors have the freedom to invest in a wide variety of assets including precious metals and real estate. Currently only about 5 percent of retirement accounts are invested in such non traditional assets. However, with the greater flexibility and higher profit potential experts expect this number to rise sharply in coming months and years.

The unfortunate side effect of the growing popularity of self-directed IRA accounts is a whole new industry of scams appearing. This has prompted the Securities and Exchange committee to issue a warning. They have advised investors to beware or excessive risk, and potentially fraudulent investment companies. That is one of the reasons for the growing popularity of long established, highly credible American IRA, LLC. With nearly 7 years in business and over $250 million in assets this company has earned a sterling reputation.

All indications show that the individual investor is getting smarter. The new wave in financial planning is taking one’s future in one’s own hands. This recently increasing popularity of self directed retirement options, as well as the high percentage of investors wisely choosing established companies, such as American IRA, is just one more benchmark showing how savvy investors are becoming.

Founder, James C. Hitt has nearly 30 years of personal experience using self directed retirement accounts. It has worked for him since 1982, and now he and his company are making it work for thousands of clients. With a knowledgeable staff, and highly informative website American IRA LLC focuses on educating their clients about the benefits of self-directed IRAs.

American IRA LLC was founded in 2004, in Asheville, NC with the mission of providing the highest level of customer service in the self directed retirement industry.
Mr. Hitt and his team have grown the company to over $250 million in assets under administration. They protect your wealth by making sure that all uninvested cash under their administration is stored in FDIC-insured accounts. As administrators, they do not make any recommendations to any person or entity associated with any type of investment.

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