Self-Directed IRA Services: Your Key to a Brand New Nest Egg

Is your retirement fund feeling a little stale with the same limited portfolio diversification you’ve come to expect over the years? Are stocks and bonds getting old? Are you looking for something a little different?

Self-directed IRA services with American IRA offer a different approach; an alternative way to invest in what you know best! There are many different investment possibilities out there beyond your traditional options. In fact, self-directed IRAs are a fantastic way to put your hard-earned savings to work in various tax-reduced or even tax-free accounts!

Whether you’re interested in real estate investing, starting up an LLC, or mastering tax liens and deeds, self-directed IRA services with American IRA facilitate your investing imagination. There is one “caveat” however: once you start with self-directed IRAs, it’s hard to go back to traditional accounts!

Fortunately, a self-directed IRA is more about the possibilities than the restrictions. For example, you can invest in gold, act as a private lender, or rent out a property by implementing a buy and hold real estate strategy to name just a few more options at your fingertips. While the IRS does specify certain rules on what you can’t invest in, this is a very limited list.

Have you ever wondered if you could somehow tie an education savings account to your IRA? Self-directed IRA services once again unlock even this capability. If you want to embrace the future of IRA investing, contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information!

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