Self-Directed IRAs and Real Estate Part 2 of 2

Self-Directed IRA, Real Estate IRA InvestingIn part 1 of this article, we talked about the steps realtors can take to attract Self-Directed IRA investors as clients. In part 2, we are going to speak about making it grow.

Once you are familiar with Self-Directed IRAs and you have perfected your follow-up process, you are in a position to run some unique advertising that is sure to generate a bunch of new clients. You simply run ads that say that you are a realtor who services Self-Directed IRA investors. I can tell you from experience that many Self-Directed IRA clients are wishing they had a realtor who actually understood the Self-Directed IRA investing process.

Keep in mind that current Self-Directed IRA investors are not your only source. When you are familiar with Self-Directed IRAs, you will be in a position to educate investors about a source of funds that they may not have previously considered. There is a wealth of investors out there that have money sitting idle in retirement accounts and our experience has shown that they are very happy to learn they have more funds available to invest with than they realized. We can also help you with this. If you have someone you have introduced to Self-Directed IRAs and you want them to have someone in the industry to talk to, we will be glad to discuss Self-Directed IRAs with them. We offer free consultations and can speak to them about their specific situation and how Self-Directed IRAs will work within that situation.

One word of caution, if you follow all these steps, you may find that you are too busy to service all of your clients…if you find this to be the case, remember that putting a plan into action to address your client’s needs quickly is the key to retaining them. There is nothing investors hate more than losing a deal because a realtor was too busy to get them to the deal before someone else did. This may mean hiring a secretary to handle the day to day of your office while you are out showing homes. I can’t speak to your specific situation since some of you may be independent, some of you may work in large offices with many agents, some of you hold a realtor designation, and some of you may hold a brokers designation. The important thing is to form a plan in advance so that you can implement it quickly when you need to.




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