Self-Directed IRAs and Real Estate Part 1 of 2

Self-Directed IRA, Real Estate InvestingOur CEO and Senior Vice President are also avid real estate investors. Their experience has proven invaluable in servicing our clients most especially in relation to real estate closings. What you may not realize is that our client base consists largely of people who are using their Self-Directed IRAs to invest in real estate. This is a win-win for both our clients and the realtors who are servicing those clients.

Even more promising for both groups is that the real estate market is perfect for investors. Prices are still relatively low and there is a surplus of homes available. So, realtors may be wondering how they can benefit from the Self-Directed IRA/Real Estate boom. The answer is simple…any one can benefit from this boom. Whether you are an investor or a realtor, there is plenty of opportunity to increase your wealth. In part 1 of this article, we will speak to realtors about what they can do to obtain new clients and generate more income by working with Self-Directed IRA investors.

The first and most important thing is to get educated about Self-Directed IRAs. Listen, before you think this is a sales pitch, hear me out. Self-Directed IRA investors have something very important, money. They have the funds to close the deals. Consider that for a moment and you will realize that means, in many cases, financing will not be a factor. As you know, financing often results in road blocks along the way that can prevent you from closing the deal and collecting your commission. The other thing that many Self-Directed IRA investors have is experience. They are familiar with the real estate process which lessens the chance of a delayed and/or failed closing due to a buyer’s inexperience. Self-Directed IRA investors are also great repeat clients. They buy numerous properties and the better their success, the more they buy.

Okay, so now you can see those commissions stacking up…right? So, back to the first step, get educated about Self-Directed IRAs so that you can attract Self-Directed IRA investors as clients. The more familiar you are with the process, the smoother the process will go and that will result in repeat clients and referrals. You are welcome to visit our website and watch any of our free educational webinars, to view our website content, and to request any of our free Self-Directed IRA guides to assist you in getting educated about Self-Directed IRAs.

The second step is to work on your follow-up process. Self-Directed IRA investors like their realtors to have their eyes wide open for any new real estate that fits what they are looking for. If you know what your client is looking for and you are on top of it so that you get them to the deals first, you will have a winning relationship with that client.

That’s it, it really is that simple…educate yourself about Self-Directed IRAs and deliver excellent follow-up.

Up next…please watch the next issue for Part 2 of this article.




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