Why Should You Start a Self-Directed IRA?

Before we talk about why you should start a Self-Directed IRA, let’s explore an important question…do you have control over your financial destiny?

For some people, they might respond to that question with a definitive “yes.” They have all of their ducks in a row, they know where their money is invested, and they feel secure in that future.

For another type of person, the answer might be “maybe.” They have some money saved away, sure, but they’re not totally sure that what they’re doing is the right kind of investment for their goals.

Others answer with a plain “no,” knowing that they don’t really have much control over their financial future because they don’t understand what to do with the money they already have.

Where do you fall in these categories? Well, no matter what your answer, you might be surprised to find out how little financial control you have over your retirement destiny until you discover how Self-Directed IRAs work. Let’s explore.

A Retirement Account is Not Necessarily Enough

Having some money set aside for retirement is a good thing—even a necessary thing. But that doesn’t mean you’re doing enough to give yourself the gift of a comfortable nest egg when you reach retirement age.

This might seem a bit controversial to some, but the truth is, a “traditional” retirement account—an account where you put money in various market investments like mutual funds—doesn’t offer you as much protection as you might like. After all, the markets have fluctuations and upturns and downturns just like any other type of investment. Is that really diversification? Is that really protection?

That’s why many people enjoy a Self-Directed IRA: it gives them a chance to break out of the traditional mold of IRAs and retirement investment and gives them the chance to take direct control over the financial reins of their lives.

Breaking out of the “Stocks, CDs, and Mutual Funds” Myths

Although there are plenty of merits to owning stocks, funds, and other similar investments in your retirement portfolio, we have a quibble or two with the idea that these areas are the only places your money should be. The truth is, you can invest IRA money in all sorts of investments, from precious metal investments to real estate.

With all of these additional options available to you, you have the capability to widen your investment base and truly protect your financial assets. But the problem is, many people don’t actually take advantage of these investment opportunities. They answer “maybe” to the question posed at the top of this post, and they’re unsure about how to take control of the money in their retirement accounts.

Luckily, the process isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Expanding Your Retirement Horizons

If you want to take more direct control over your financial freedom and your retirement plans, then it follows that a Self-Directed IRA might be just the rudder to steer you there. And opening one is simple. IRAs, after all, will allow you to invest in assets from mortgage notes to precious metals to limited liability companies. If you want to invest in these kinds of assets, then you’re able to. It’s plain and simple.

Fortunately, we here at AmericanIRA.com know that this process is new to many people, which is why we take great care in building a relationship with everyone we work with. Talk to us here at AmericanIRA.com or contact us at 866-7500-IRA(472) to see what all of the talk is about. We’ll be glad to discuss Self-Directed IRAs to you, introduce you to the options you have, and explain what kinds of steps you can take next.