Five Reasons to Include Real Estate IRAs in Your Retirement Plans

Real Estate IRAsLet’s pretend that you’re doing better than 90% of people and you have your retirement plans set. You have an IRA or two, perhaps a 401(k) through your job, and maybe even a little money in savings.

You know your goals, you know approximately when you want to retire, and you’re doing well. Why, then, would you consider something as outside-the-box as Real Estate IRAs?

Well, first off: most people aren’t doing this well. They need a more assertive plan upon which to build their respective retirement nest egg. And secondly, just because you’re doing somewhat well doesn’t mean you can’t always build for an even stronger future. If your plan is not only to survive retirement, but to thrive in retirement, then it’s worth exploring all of the options available to you. And that doesn’t only mean understanding the advantages of Real Estate IRAs, but knowing the reasons why you might want to consider them in this day and age:

Reason #1: Social Security is not necessarily enough. In fact, you could even say that Social Security is in trouble. Granted, for today’s elderly, sometimes Social Security is in fact the exact security they need—but it’s not easy to fund. Many people anticipate that Social Security will not be available to the next generation the same way it’s available to the current generation. That means you’ll have to plan for yourself an income that you can count on when you’re retired, unless you want to keep on working—even when you’re no longer able.

Retirement AgeReason #2: Retirement age isn’t necessarily accurate anymore. People are living longer in this day and age, which is good news—however, retirement age hasn’t risen with the longer lifespans. That means that people are planning longer retirements. That’s great, if you can get it. But in order to achieve a long retirement for yourself, you’ll need to build a considerable amount of wealth—and that doesn’t just happen overnight through a few investments. It happens with long-term, strategic thinking.

Reason #3: Returns on investment aren’t what they used to be. The stock market is highly unpredictable, and though it does give good returns over time, most investors realize that there are better ways to invest than to rely solely on the stock market. Acquiring real estate through Real Estate IRAs is a great alternative that allows you to separate some of your money from the market’s fluctuations.

Reason #4: Real Estate IRAs still come with many advantages. Chief among them: the ability to invest in a wide range of real estate choices (from simple residential real estate to raw land) and the ability to use leverage. Buying real estate as part of your retirement investments does have some drawbacks—such as not being able to keep the real estate for personal use—but these advantages are key to providing the kind of long-term growth you’d need out of your real estate.

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Real Estate IRAsReason #5: The future is uncertain. This is not a characteristic unique to our times. The future is uncertain and always will be. Diversifying your portfolio, thinking outside the box, and investing in things that tend to retain a large portion of their value over time are time-tested strategies for success. But the key is being able to take action in the here and now – otherwise, the future keeps being postponed to a dwindling date.

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