Want to Save on Fees with a Self-Directed IRA?

At American IRA, LLC, many of our clients are long-term buy-and-holders. They may hold real estate holdings, gold, or other assets for many years, with relatively few transactions. For that reason, many Self-Directed IRA owners and other investors stand to realize significant savings from declaring independence from Wall Street and their many high-commission products, wrap fees, surrender charges, 12-b-1 fees, and high expense ratios on products that usually fail to beat their index benchmarks net of their costs.

For example, many mutual funds come not only with a front-end sales load, but a 25-basis point ongoing fee to support the marketing expenses for the brokerage company. Not for you. You get no benefit whatsoever for this fee. Claiming your freedom to invest in what you know and understand with a Self-Directed IRA is a much better option.

It makes little sense to pay expense ratios and/or wrap fees of 1 percent each or more on assets that aren’t even being traded much.

Are you getting anything for the wrap fee?

Many times, the answer for our Self-Directed IRA customers in the past was no – they received little or no value for the ongoing wrap fees they were paying to Wall Street firms in perpetuity. This is why they became American IRA customers!

In some cases, these individuals were not even aware of how much they were paying out in needless fees every year until they called us and we walked them through the benefits of a flat fee schedule for services. Larger accounts are saving tens of thousands of dollars in fees just from switching from an expense-ratio and wrap-fee based fee structure.

Yes, these plans are suitable for some investors. But for our independent-minded, experienced investors that make up the bulk of our clientele, we found the were much better off using our flat rate per transaction fee schedule, available here.

Primarily, we offer one set annual administration fee. And it stays the same, no matter how large your account becomes. There are also smaller charges for specific transactions that simply reflect the costs of physically processing and mailing or wiring, as necessary. You would have to pay them with any firm.

With wrap accounts and expense ratios, the larger your account grows, the larger your fees become. With American IRA’s unique fee structure, as the value of your assets in your portfolio increase, your transaction costs and basic fees remain the same. So the larger your portfolio, the more sense a flat rate fee structure like American IRA makes for many investors.

After all, it’s not what you have so much that matters – it’s what you can keep. A Self-Directed IRA with American IRA can help you keep more of your money to fund your retirement lifestyle and financial security.

If you are tired of paying needless fees, commissions and expenses and receiving little value for your money? If so, we’d like to work with you.

Visit American IRA, LLC today at www.americanira.com, or call us today at 866-7500-IRA(472).