Self-Directed IRA Custodian

A Simple Way to Tell if You Have a Great Self-Directed IRA Administration Firm

If you are an investor who is thinking about investing with a Self-Directed IRA, one thing is clear: it can be difficult to tell which firm is right for you. You feel like you are on the outside looking in. Sure, you might have confidence that a Self-Directed IRA is the strategy you want to go with for your retirement. But when it comes to working with someone who will serve as the custodian for your account, that is a little less certain. You need a simple way to tell if you have a great Self-Directed IRA administration firm in your corner.

In these posts, we typically point to two major things that can help:

  • The experience of your Self-Directed IRA administration firm is paramount. If they feature leadership who have been working with Self-Directed IRAs for years, you know that this is what they do, and they’ve shown enough dedication to this fact over the years that you can have confidence they’ll show the same dedication to you.
  • Fee structure. Sometimes, it comes down to dollars and cents. What is the fee structure that makes the most sense for you? For many investors, it is a flat fee structure. That is what American IRA uses—a single account incurs a single yearly administration fee. Even if the account grows over time, that fee does not. That means that the fee shrinks relative to a larger retirement portfolio as time goes on.

These are two great ways to check out a Self-Directed IRA administration firm from the outside. But we have an additional way that can help you decide.

Looking at Reviews from Satisfied Clients

These days, people read reviews maybe more than ever. Some statistics suggest that as many as 95% of shoppers will read online reviews before buying. So why wouldn’t you do the same with something as important as your Self-Directed IRA administration firm?

We think you should. That is why our website features testimonials from many of the people who have enjoyed working with American IRA over the years. We have taken the time to compile just a few of them for your review:

  • Said Khai D.: “Your great support has made both of these closings possible in 1 day without any delay. I really appreciate the responsiveness and professionalism.”
  • Said Mike C.: “The staff at American IRA are professional, always helpful and most importantly, patient.  The systems they have in place make it easy to be compliant with all tax laws and regulations.”
  • Said Scott G.: “We opened an account with you back in April and it was very easy. Shortly thereafter we funded our first hard-money loan to a fellow club member and it too was a very easy process.”
  • Said Bob J.: “I must also compliment your staff… who from the first phone call, were very knowledgeable and courteous, providing quick responses and easily available by phone. Your company has come highly recommended to me, and now I understand why.”

We also recommend that you look for common themes within the reviews you read online. For example, in the reviews above, you will find that our staff at American IRA frequently earn high grades for their communication skills and their professionalism. We also have a history of making complicated financial transactions more intuitive and easy. In the end, that leaves you with a sense of confidence. You will understand that people experience these things when they work with American IRA, and you should have every expectation that American IRA will do the same when you work with us. That will give you confidence as you explore the possibility of a Self-Directed IRA for your own retirement needs.

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