American IRA Thanks Alan Cowgill For Excellent ‘How To Get All The Money You Need To Buy Property’ Seminar And Thanks Host Robert Woodruff, Charleston REIA President.

American IRA thanks Alan Cowgill for excellent ‘How To Get All The Money You Need To Buy Property’ seminar and thanks host Robert Woodruff, Charleston REIA President. Jim Hitt, CEO of American IRA, a National Self-directed IRA Provider, expresses appreciation, “Alan Cowgill lived up to his promise and delivered in this event giving great insights into how people can get money for their investments. The word must be out about his experience because this event had a great turnout! Thank you Mr. Cowgill for such an excellent presentation.”

Robert Woodruff, President of the Charleston REIA hosted this event and made it possible for so many like minded investors to gather, learn, and share valuable investment information.

Mr. Cowgill spoke about how to get money for:

  • Single family houses
  • Commercial buildings
  • Apartment complexes
  • Luxury homes
  • and more…

Further, Mr. Cowgill drove home the point that it is possible to get money for investments even if people have poor credit and/or a less than ideal financial situation.

Mr. Hitt concludes, “I always say if I hear one thing that is valuable at an event or a webinar then it was worth my time to attend. This event delivered volumes of valuable information and I am glad to have attended.”

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