Self-Directed IRA Lenders – Discovering an Ideal Investment

Self-Directed IRA LendersToday the American IRA team would like to highlight the many possibilities available to self-directed IRA lenders. Private IRA lending allows you to own a wide variety of debt instruments, so you can choose the investment that best fits you and your retirement plans.

These can include discounted notes, mortgages, car or truck loans, small business loans, equipment loans, unsecured loans, and almost any other loan type you can think of! Self-directed IRA lenders can lock in all of the income generated by these loans from income taxes, multiplying profitability and taking your retirement fund to new heights.

The credit market is just starting to thaw from a lending freeze, so there are still many different investment avenues to pursue. For example, you can function as an alternative funding source for businesspeople and individuals with a strong financial foundation who simply haven’t been able to qualify for a bank loan for example.

Roth IRAs are unique in the sense that the income and capital growth you generate within them is free of federal income tax as long as the funds have been in your account for at least 5 years or you’re at least 59½ years old. If you’ve discovered opportunities in the real estate market but you’re short on the time it would take to manage the process, you can become one of the many self-directed IRA lenders who have enjoyed the benefits of a self-directed IRA.

Finally, you’ll want to keep a few key facts in mind before pursuing this asset type. Much like regular loans, IRA lending allow you to structure repayment terms and determine interest rates, and you can decide whether promissory notes are secured (or not) with a Deed of Trust. Also, foreclosure, collections, and defaulted notes are the responsibility of the self-directed IRA rather than the account holder or American IRA. On the other hand, the account holder is responsible for selecting the professionals they would like to involve in the foreclosure/collection process and instructing American IRA to retain these professionals.

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