IRA Lending

When it comes to the financial sector, what’s the most iconic symbol that instantly comes to mind? You’re most likely seeing dollar signs of course, and that succinctly summarizes the main objective of self-directed private IRA lending: more profits for your retirement fund. Every self-directed IRA at American IRA features the ability to conduct private IRA lending with the potential for increased returns.

Private IRA lending is an even more advantageous asset class in the post-credit bubble environment. Banks and other financial organizations have since tightened lending a great deal and are only starting to loosen their standards once more. Thanks to the power of self-directed IRAs, you can now fill the gap left by traditional lenders and loan to well-qualified businesses and individuals who have been otherwise locked out of the credit market.

Much of the industrialized world revolves around the credit market, as businesses and consumers frequently seek loans of all shapes, sizes, and varieties. With private IRA lending you can diversify your portfolio and reach these well-qualified borrowers. Clearly, the banking industry involves tremendous profit potential (just have a look at some of the elegant bank buildings across the country).

Your private IRA lending options are quite diverse – have a look at some of the top debt instruments you can include in your account:

IRA Lending

In short, private IRA lending has the potential to be a beneficial and effective addition to any self-directed IRA portfolio.

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