Real Estate IRA Investing

If you haven’t recently considered real estate IRA investing, it may be time to give this critical asset class a second look via a self-directed IRA account with American IRA. The 20th century witnessed a truly colossal climb in property values — so much so, in fact, that many continued to call for further increases stretching well into the 21st century.

With real estate at the heart of the recession that hit in the late 2000s however, new opportunities arose. As with nearly any downturn in tangible assets, what some commentators have deemed an ideal purchasing environment has presented itself for individuals interested in taking advantage of market conditions.

Real estate IRA investing is now picking up in intensity, especially with recent increases in market interest rates. Federal Reserve Chairman Benjamin Bernanke has hinted at tapering off the quantitative easing program that has maintained historically low lending rates, adding to the desire to quickly lock in deals to receive the most value for the money.

While self-directed real estate IRA investing frequently offers the potential for sizable returns in nearly any market, the combination of lower property values and interest rates has increased this potential considerably. Investors who are interested in purchasing a vacation home to use during their retirement or perhaps those looking to increase their self-directed IRA’s portfolio should closely watch these developments as they unfold.

If real estate IRA investing seems to be an insurmountable goal for your IRA due to a lack of funds, self-directed IRAs actually offer a great deal of both lending and borrowing options. As a result, your IRA can borrow money to purchase real estate on a non-recourse basis. You therefore have the opportunity to invest in a much wider variety of assets.

If you would like to be able to benefit from self-directed real estate IRA investing, now is a great time to open or transfer a self-directed IRA account with American IRA! We make the process simple so you can start growing your retirement fund as soon as possible.

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