Self-Directed IRA custodian reviews

Self-Directed IRA Custodian Reviews

How do you know if you’re working with a great retirement custodian? It will come through in the experience you have with them. For example, we here at American IRA work directly with our clients to ensure that they’re getting premium-quality service on the administration of their accounts. However, you can’t know what it will be like until you’ve experienced it yourself. That’s why so many people look for Self-Directed IRA custodian reviews to confirm whether or not they can trust a Self-Directed IRA administration firm like American IRA.

These Self-Directed IRA custodian reviews can be invaluable, because they’re like reading product reviews on Amazon. If you’re browsing Self-Directed IRA custodians right now and aren’t happy with the quality of the reviews you’re seeing, then you might have second thoughts. But here at American IRA, we’re proud of the services we provide, and gladly display what people are saying about us. Let’s browse through some of our favorite Self-Directed IRA custodian reviews to see what our clients have to tell you.

Kelle O: “I’ve had my IRA with them for several years now. And I find that as an investor, sometimes I get distracted with everything that’s involved in the deals I’m making. [American IRA is] very good at handholding me and responding to me quickly, at getting me to good resources to get information. And I’m very glad I’m with them.”

Billy M: “I’ve been a client with American IRA for about six years. Came in as a member without any types of properties or anything. Since then, I own a trailer park and trailers in my IRA. … It’s been very profitable for me in my retirement, and I’m looking forward to four-and-a-half years when I can start taking my money out and start spending it myself.”

Liz W: “I’m a realtor in Nashville. I have been involved with American IRA for several years. I not only own property with them, but I have listed and sold several properties involved in IRAs. It’s been a great vehicle for buyers and sellers to be able to protect their investments and protect their future retirements. I have clients who absolutely get excited about the opportunity to sell.”

Karla: “I’ve been using American IRA since 2005. I’ve known Jim Hitt longer than that. Once I finally got comfortable with the IRA process, then I really got going. They help me make the process easy. I was uncomfortable at first, but that was my own—not knowing what to do. But once I got into it, I’m making money in my IRA. Things are going smoothly. I’d highly recommend them. They’re right here, they’re local, easy to deal with—just right up the road if you need to go talk to them in person. Makes it easy for me.”

Travis M: “I am a current client of American IRA. I switched my accounts over to American IRA a couple of years ago and I’ve been incredibly pleased with the way that they’ve dealt with me as a person and with my account. They’re incredibly responsive. They pick up the phone whenever I need to ask questions or get something done. And just having someone local who will deal with my concerns as I go out and do transactions is imperative in a fast-moving real estate market packed with opportunities. American IRA has done a wonderful job of taking care of me as a client.”

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